Arista 7320X Series Technical Specifications

The Arista 7320X Series modular switches provide industry leading 40/100GbE density and performance. Available as a choice of 8 slot and 4 slot systems they combine wirespeed forwarding with comprehensive L2 and L3 features.

The 7320X Series supports high density layer 2/3/4 wirespeed performance linecards that offer a flexible combination of interface speeds including 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE to design large leaf and spine networks for scale-out of east-west traffic patterns with low latency and power efficiency and enable seamless migration from 10/40GbE to 25/100GbE soluitions.

System Performance:

The Arista 7320X systems can be fully populated with up to eight or four linecards respectively

DescriptionAn 8 slot system with scalable density and performance for server or network rows replacing Nexus 7K or 9KCompact high density and resilient 100GbE system with flexible interface speeds for both spine and collapsed spline
Switching Capacity50Tbps25Tbps
Maximum 100G Ports256128
Maximum 40G Ports256128
Maximum 10G Ports1024512
Maximum 25G Ports1024512
Maximum 50G Ports512256
L2/L3 PPS38 Bpps19 Bpps
Total Buffer256MB128MB
Rack Units138

Linecard Specification

Ports32 QSFP100
100GbE Interfaces32 (QSFP100)
40GbE Interfaces32 (QSFP+)
10GbE Interfaces128 with breakout cable and optics
25GbE Interfaces128 with breakout cable and optics
50GbE Interfaces64 with breakout cable and optics
Packet Buffer32MB
Nominal Power219W
Maximum IPv4 Host Routes104K
Maximum IPv6 Host Routes52K
Maximum IPv4 Unicast Route Prefixes128K
Maximum IPv6 Unicast Route Prefixes84K
Maximum Multicast Groups136K with 8K unique groups
Maximum ACL Entries8K Ingress, 1K Egress
Maximum LAG MembersUp to 64 member ports
Maximum LAG GroupsUp to 1024
Maximum ECMP Fanout128-way