Extend your Enterprise WAN to the Cloud

The Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V Series comprises single-tenant software routers in virtual form factor that deliver WAN gateway functionality to multi-tenant, provider-hosted clouds. It allows enterprises to extend a WAN to off-premises clouds and cloud providers to offer enterprise-class networking services to their tenants

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco CSR 1000V Series lowers the barriers to enterprise adoption of a hybrid cloud model by extending the enterprise WAN to provider-hosted clouds.

Primary features include:

  • Flexible virtual form factor designed for multi-tenant, provider-hosted clouds
  • Complete, hypervisor-isolated, multi-service router instance for each tenant
  • Proven, familiar, enterprise-class Cisco IOS Software networking services
  • Feature and operational consistency with Cisco physical form-factor routers
  • Component of end-to-end WAN architecture with Cisco Integrated Services Routers and Cisco Aggregation Services Routers

Primary use cases include:

  • Secure VPN gateway
  • MPLS WAN termination
  • Data center network extension
  • Control and traffic redirection

Primary Benefits:

  • Direct connectivity improves the response time of cloud-hosted applications
  • Private WAN integration improves security, performance, and predictability
  • Enterprise control, visibility, and policy consistency reduce security risks
  • Feature consistency and product familiarity improve operational efficiency
  • Extension of the data center network to a cloud simplifies application on-boarding