Redefine Demarcation for the Cloud

The Cisco ME 1200 Series is a fully featured service delivery demarcation device ready for Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 2.0 services and beyond, for today’s mobile and cloud applications.

Built with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in mind, its SDN controller and open interface toward the cloud and software layers support rapid deployment and agility for IT integrations.

Key Features

The Cisco ME 1200 Series offers:

Simple Configuration

The device’s unique SDN controller and zero-touch provisioning make it immediately active in your network.

Low Footprint

A maximum of 10 watts power consumption makes it energy efficient, and no fan means it is quiet.

Service Quality and Assurance

The device has standards-based operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) with hardware timestamping for nanosecond accuracy. Its complete OAM feature set includes 1731 performance monitoring (PM), 802.1g (CFM), and Service Activation (RFC2544 and Y.1564).

Advanced Clocking

For mobile deployments, it supports SynchE and IEEE 1588v2 ordinary, transparent, and boundary clock modes.