Deliver Advanced Ethernet Business Services

Built for service providers, Cisco ME 3400E Series switches enable you to deliver advanced Ethernet business services to customers and also:

  • Provide high service availability
  • Offer flexible and differentiated services
  • Manage and troubleshoot services remotely
  • Secure network services against malicious users

With a comprehensive set of features addressing key requirements such as availability, flexibility, security, and manageability, the ME 3400E Series platform builds on the success of the Cisco ME 3400 Series and offers additional enhancements including:

  • Redundant and modular field replaceable power and fan supply unit for service availability
  • Two-rate three-color policer, 1:1 VLAN translation, inner to out CoS mapping, and selective QinQ for service flexibility
  • Traffic loopback and dying gasp for loss of power for service manageability
  • External alarm input contacts for service security
  • Extended operating temperature range of up to 65ºC on certain models and configurations

Support for the same Layer 2 and Layer 3 images as the Cisco ME 3400 Series makes it easy to transition from the ME 3400 Series to the ME 3400E Series. The METROACCESS image offers advanced quality of service, rate limiting, robust multicast control, and comprehensive security features. The METROACCESS image also includes a rich set of Carrier Ethernet access features including 802.1Q Tunneling, Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling (L2PT), and Flexlink. The METROIPACCESS image adds advanced Layer 3 features such as support for advanced IP routing protocols, Multi-VPN Routing and Forwarding Customer Edge (Multi-VRF CE), and Policy-Based Routing (PBR).