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V2110 (VMware)V2110 (Hyper-V)C35C5210C5215
Total APs supported per controller1,0505002502,0002,000
Total APs supported in standard mode5252501251,0001,000
Additional APs supported in high-availability mode5252501251,0001,000
Total simultaneous users per controller8,1924,0964,00016,00016,000
Total simultaneous users in standard mode4,0962,0482,0008,0008,000
Additional simultaneous users in high-availability mode4,0962,0482,0008,0008,000
Performance and Availability
High availability with automatic failover to a backup controller (license included)YESYESYESYES
Client mobility with fast failover and session availabilityYESYESYESYES
Dynamic Radio Management (DRM), Flexible Client Access (airtime fairness), Load Balancing, and Band-steeringYESYESYESYES
Support for hybrid traffic forwarding: local switching at AP or controller-based switching (based upon user, application, or segment)YESYESYESYES
Dynamic load balancing of clients across multiple subnets
Dual, hot-swappable power suppliesYESYES