Riverbed® SteelCentral™ takes a new approach to application performance management. It captures and analyzes performance data, deeply and broadly, across all networks and applications while monitoring end-user experience across all users, all the time. SteelCentral is a comprehensive and integrated performance management platform that provides centralized visibility and insight to ensure optimal performance of enterprise applications while maximizing IT efficiency and productivity. It’s modular in nature; you can start with any aspect of performance monitoring and grow to a unified performance view. So, whether the challenge is monitoring performance broadly across all applications, networks and infrastructure, or delving deep into mission-critical application code or the network using packet analysis, SteelCentral is the only end-to-end solution that combines user experience, application, infrastructure, and network monitoring for a holistic view of application performance.


Unified visibility

Manage the complete performance picture Leverage cloud, mobile, and virtual environments without compromising visibility and intelligence.

End-user awareness

Deliver unmatched end-user experience Understand end-user experience and productivity, shifting focus from infrastructure to applications and users.


Increase IT effectiveness and productivity Empower your IT teams and increase application availability and user productivity with automated, expert analysis.

Streamlined troubleshooting

Dramatically reduce downtime Quickly navigate from blended, business-level views to domain-level performance metrics to root cause.

Intelligence, not just data

Eliminate blind spots and plan for change Understand holistic views of your users, their application ecosystem, and the infrastructure on which it relies.


SteelCentral Portal blends data from SteelCentral™ and SteelHead™ solutions to create a centralized, dynamic view of your organization’s application performance environment. The solution leverages data from SteelCentral application performance management (APM) and network performance management (NPM) solutions: AppInternals, AppResponse, NetAuditor, NetProfiler, NetSensor and UCExpert. It is a single unified performance management interface that presents the data within the application model, giving you a centralized and blended view of how network delay, infrastructure availability, application code issues, configuration changes and more affect application performance.


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