Благодаря SteelFusion можно быстрой перемещать, сокращать, разворачивать, архивировать и восстанавливать филиалы в одном главном ЦОД. Теперь стало возможно использовать также все удобства облака. При этом нет необходимости привлекать к работе сотрудников этих филиалов. SteelFusion помогает компаниям выполнять различные требования к производительности приложений в своих удаленных офисах и филиалах, снижая вместе с этим возникающие сложности и устраняя соответствующие риски.

Riverbed is pleased to offer new cloud and virtual options with SteelFusion, providing customers with the flexibility they need when deploying and managing operations at the edge in today’s hybrid IT landscape,” said Paul O’Farrell, Senior Vice President and General Manager of SteelHead, SteelFusion and SteelConnect at Riverbed. “Businesses can now centralize apps, data, infrastructure and IT services in any combination of private, public, and hybrid clouds, and deliver them securely to users anywhere across the edge with optimized performance. With our unique software-defined edge approach, Riverbed is transforming edge IT by allowing organizations to centralize operations, improve information security, and maximize employee productivity at remote locations.

Riverbed® SteelFusion™ delivers unprecedented simplicity, agility, data security, and business continuity to distributed enterprises. SteelFusion enables a software-defined edge by bringing together best-of-breed virtualization, intelligent storage caching, and industry-leading WAN optimization into a single hyper-converged infrastructure solution that meets both the needs of the enterprise for low operational costs, high security, and fast business agility as well as the needs of branch employees for high-performing applications that simply work. SteelFusion is the only hyper-converged infrastructure solution designed with the unique challenges of edge IT in mind:

  • Consolidates server, storage, backup infrastructure into a single appliance and removes data from edge locations without any compromise to application performance
  • Consolidates and accelerates time-consuming edge IT operations, such as backup and data protection, provisioning of new services and sites, and fast recovery to central data centers in a single solution
  • Extends enterprise-class security, services, and resiliency of the data center and the cloud out to all edge locations, regardless of distance, and without compromising performance

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